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We’re here to tell you that cannabis is medicine. The anecdotal evidence gathered about the therapeutic benefits of cannabis is overwhelmingly positive. Research on cannabis—including cannabidiol, or CBD, which is contained within cannabis—is being conducted in many countries, with some research even taking place in the United States. The results are promising and support claims that cannabis can be used to reduce inflammation, relieve pain, and help people suffering from conditions ranging from epilepsy and Tourette’s syndrome to Crohn’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and rheumatoid arthritis.

Cannabis is legal and many are looking into its health benefits. Did you buy it online to avoid prying or disapproving eyes? If you did, you’re not alone.

Many of us were taught to believe that cannabis is bad, unsavory, and dangerous. We might associate pot with stoners, weed with hippies, and marijuana with criminals. Luckily, attitudes about cannabis, and CBD in particular, are changing. You will see more human interest and news stories about cannabis and CBD in mainstream media about everything from cannabis-infused dinners to CBD beauty products.

You will be feeling more confident about exploring one or both for health and wellness. Do your homework and get ready.

Cannabis can be used, with proper guidance from a medical professional, to replace pharmaceutical medications such as antianxiety drugs, SSRIs for depression, and opioids to address pain.

If you live in a state where physicians are not allowed to recommend cannabis, look online for naturopathic physicians or holistic nurses who may be open to recommending more alternative forms of medicine, or herbalists who are well versed in plant medicine. Also check the internet for services such as cannabis counseling and review the credentials of the counselors. Some nutritionists and other wellness professionals now offer cannabis consulting services cannabis for the culture .

We came to cannabis as women and men who were experiencing debilitating pain but were still plagued with fear and doubt about using it. We changed our minds about cannabis over time because it helped us.

Our goal is to help remove the remaining stigma associated with cannabis so that other people, like you, can gain health and wellness benefits from this ancient medicinal plant. We’ll provide tips and guidelines so you can begin using cannabis and CBD on your own.

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